Traditional Media Analysis

Print and Broadcast Media persist as the visible dominant forces within the 21st Century media landscape; which is why Cloud Media Insight provides a Traditional Media Measurement Service that supplies comprehensive media analysis across traditional media outlets. Our reports deliver detailed analysis as to where companies and brands are appearing in print and on broadcast media.

Traditional Media Measurement

Our Traditional Media Measurement reports measure the metrics and key performance indicators which are important to our clients’ campaigns and business goals. Through a 24/7 approach to monitoring traditional media, and the data that it generates, we provide valuable information to our clients on the following:

  • Media Circulation – Where, when and by how many people?
  • Appearance and Visibility of Key Messages – Are you getting your message across?
  • Brand Mentions – Are you being seen in all the right places?
  • Calls to Action – Are people reacting to your efforts?

News Monitoring Service and A Competitive Edge

As well as viewing traditional media in relation to our clients’ campaigns, our News Monitoring Service also monitors related business topics and the performance of competitors. We believe adding these supplementary levels of Traditional Media Analysis can help our clients gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

By combining comprehensive and robust data collection from traditional print and broadcast media channels, with expert analysis by the team at Cloud Media Insight, we are able to create individually formatted, client specific reports with statistical significance and valuable audience information. All of our reports can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually as required.