Telecoms Market Analysis

The growth of digital media has seen huge rise and diversification of the telecoms market in the UK over recent years. Cloud Media Insight provides its expert telecoms market analysis services to a range of companies across the sector.

With broadband and 4G services being rolled out across the country, as well as a proliferation of multi-channel TV and video services often accessed via tablet or smartphone, the telecoms sector is in a constant state of flux. It is therefore essential for any company in this field to keep track of customers' views and reactions by monitoring social and digital media and interacting with their service users.

Cloud Media Insight has been providing telecommunications market research for more than two decades, giving us a detailed knowledge of how the sector has evolved. We have provided expert services to companies including BT, O2, Vodafone (on the network side), HTC and Sony.

Telecommunications Market Trends

The telecoms market has developed beyond recognition in recent years, with total UK communications revenues now amounting to over £56 billion, according to recent figures from Ofcom. It's claimed that a greater proportion of people now use the web in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.

Around 78% of British households have a fixed broadband connection, with about a third being superfast. But there is scope for coverage to become even higher, since more than 83% of premises are in areas where superfast broadband is available. We have also become a smartphone society, with two in three adults now owning these devices and using mobile internet services during their busy lives. At the same time, e-mail is fast replacing many everyday letters, and there has been a change in TV habits, with a growing choice of on-demand and catch-up services.

However, Ofcom and other organisations have been putting on pressure for broadband suppliers to provide more reliable speeds, and for mobile phone companies to improve their coverage, getting rid of “not spots” where phone users find themselves without a signal. There is also plenty of opportunity for customers to switch to a rival company if they are dissatisfied with speeds, network coverage or customer service. Against this background, it is essential for all telecoms companies to closely monitor customer trends and the satisfaction with their services.

As with the closely-related area of consumer electronics, telecoms customers are among the people most likely to be involved in social networks and online forums. This makes it important for companies operating in those fields to monitor their views and opinions

For instance, if people are not satisfied with their mobile phone contract or broadband speed, often they will take to social media to air their concerns and word will soon spread to other current and potential customers. The same applies if a telecoms customer is unimpressed by poor customer service, for instance having to hold on the line for a long time when they call their provider. Companies need to be aware of these market trends so that they can respond quickly. This means telecoms market research is an essential tool for any company in this sector.

Telecoms Market Analysis – Cloud Media Insight's Approach

Telecoms companies tend to have strong online presences and encourage followers on Facebook and Twitter. But digital campaigns need to be closely monitored to ensure they are having the desired effect and not proving to be counter-productive in any way. You also need to know what is being said about your brand across the rest of social media and the internet, the level of positive and negative commentary, and how you compare with competitors.

Cloud Media Insight's service involves close monitoring of social media and digital in general, looking both at the effectiveness of your own campaigns and at what others are saying about you on a wide range of platforms. Speedy research and results are especially important for telecoms companies, who need to get fast consumer reaction to launches and events. When it comes to telecommunications market analysis, we therefore provide a very quick turnaround, so you have key information exactly when you need it. We have helped a range of companies to monitor the market successfully in this way.

Telecoms companies also need to keep an eye on traditional media intelligence, for instance through business news monitoring. In the case of broadcasting organisations, you might want to monitor coverage provided by rival channels for your campaigns and launches.

Cloud Media Insight can create a telecoms market analysis service tailored to the needs of your organisation, and monitoring the areas which are of concern to you. This can include expert analytics of global and international data, as required, as well as monitoring telecommunications market trends within the UK. We give you the tools you need to stay ahead of competitors, develop your social media presence and enhance and protect your brand reputation.

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