Keeping on top of your brand in a digital world

As the influence of social media grows it’s more important than ever to ensure that you keep an eye on the online reputation of your brand.

According to the Salesforce ‘State of Marketing 2015’ report, 70% of marketers will increase their social media spend this year and as the election campaigns get underway the Conservative Party is reportedly allocating over £100,000 per month to Facebook advertising.

Budgets may be going up but is social media providing a good Return on Investment in supporting business and marketing goals? Many companies will not have a clear steer on how social media discussions are impacting on their brand reputation or sales strategy.

Social media has accelerated the rate at which information is shared and staying alert to the buzz about the markets you are in and what’s being said will provide highly valuable insights which will help shape what you do next. Social media insights will allow you to spot emerging market trends, react and respond quickly to issues concerning your products or services and understand the effectiveness of your marketing and PR campaigns in real-time.

Almost half of the world’s population now own a mobile phone so monitoring what’s being said on social media channels is a very powerful tool in the product or brand manager’s armoury in terms of steering business and marketing strategies.

At Cloud Media Insight, our social media monitoring service goes one step further and we interpret the social media channel mentions and all the data, providing our customers with valuable insight to help them quickly understand in real-time what consumers are saying.

We track and analyse company reputation as well as customer sentiment about products and services on all the main social media platforms, as well as forums and message boards. We also evaluate traditional media (print and online) and our reports have an easy-to-follow, visual format.

Keeping on top of your brand in a digital world is much more than simply looking at likes, follows and mentions. It’s about getting to the heart of human interaction and delving deeper to understand what consumers really want.

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