Improving your social media influence

With the increasing importance of digital marketing, building and maintaining a good online reputation is extremely important for any business.

A key part of this is increasing social media influence. After all, social media is habit-forming and has become a vital part of our lives so the more influence a brand has on social media, the better their online reputation will be. Google also recognises social media influence when it comes to page rankings, so this has a significant impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

One way to increase social media influence is to target and engage top influencers in your industry. Often referred to as ‘influencer marketing’, connecting with these people helps you to create brand advocates, build relationships and reach new audiences.

Bloggers and YouTubers are great examples of powerful social media influencers. For example, cosmetic brands often work with beauty YouTubers, many of whom have millions of subscribers, to promote product launches, recommend their products and increase consumer engagement. Cosmetics brand Smashbox announced that their follower base on Instagram had grown by 30% since they started working with social influencers.

Working with internet influencers can also have a very positive effect on sales. Last year EA video game ‘Skate 3’ shot back into the UK gaming charts after YouTuber ‘PewDiePie’, who has over 40 million subscribers, featured it on his channel.

Below are our 4 steps for engaging with social media influencers:

Define the criteria for your social media influencers

Examples include: relevance of their content to your brand, their reach and the demographic of their audience. It’s important to ensure that what is defined as an ‘influencer’ is relevant to the objectives of your campaign. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber appear on automated influencer lists for all sorts of specialist topics simply on the number of followers they attract.

Find your influencers.

This can be achieved by using tools that calculate social media influence, looking at how popular they are on social networks and finding their page rankings on various search engines.


The best way to start is by engaging and interacting with their content. Eventually, when the organic relationship has developed, they will share your social media posts, link back to your website and share positive messages about your brand.

Maintain the relationship

It’s important not to stop engaging with the influencer once they have helped you achieve a particular goal. Authenticity is extremely important in a digital world so make sure to monitor your influencers on social media and interact with them on a regular basis.

As part of our social media monitoring services, we help our clients to discover the influencers in their market and build the relationships which will have a positive and long lasting impact on their business. A recent example includes working with a leading mobile phone handset manufacturer to engage with 'mules', influencers whose connections and communication style means that they are able to take highly technical information to a more mainstream audience.

To find out how we can help you build your social media influence and create a network of key influencers, please contact us.