Getting up to speed on social media

The use of social media as a marketing tool has evolved rapidly and it’s fair to say that many organisations may feel they are under pressure to join the digital revolution.

Unsurprisingly, a number of companies are struggling to keep up and, according to a Harvey Nash CIO Survey in association with KPMG, many organisations are lacking a digital strategy.

Across all sectors there has been an increase in businesses looking to recruit people with the right digital skills and this has created its own problems with a shortage of suitably qualified people.

There are not enough young people training as digital marketing or social media experts (organisations such as BIMA are linking up schools and businesses to raise awareness of digital opportunities), and there aren’t enough older workers either with these skills.

The millennials are the first digital generation and the older workforce has found it more challenging to adapt to the changing media landscape.

In today’s digital world, businesses cannot simply ‘get by’ by relying on a small number of individuals who are deemed to be ‘tech-savvy’. With critical considerations such as how to deal with complaints on social media, information privacy and the best way to engage with customers online, all companies must recruit people with the right calibre of skills.


The Harvey Nash CIO study found that the demand for big data analytic skills has become one of the most-needed skills and business intelligence and analytics made the biggest jump up the priority list compared to last year.

At Cloud Media Insight, we provide insightful reports which are a useful business tool in the digital age. We help our clients answer questions such as ‘what are our customers saying about us on social media?’, ‘how is our product being received by customers?’ and ‘am I getting my message across?’

In comparison to online tools which offer automated reporting and generic pie charts, we create bespoke visual reports with a commentary which provides the added-value insight our clients need. They are used by marketing directors and product and customer service managers to support their decision making processes

For more information on our integrated evaluation reports, or to speak to one of our analysts about social media monitoring and evaluation please contact us.