Digital and Social Media

Social Media and the Digital Revolution have had a huge impact on human communication. For most brands and businesses social media is now part of their structure; so understanding online conversations and identifying who is being talked about is vitally important.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis can help you to identify trends, topics, influencers and opportunities, and it can contribute the information you need in order to make better business decisions. Cloud Media Insight delivers social media brand monitoring, which give valuable support to business leaders, product development directors and marketing managers.

Social Media Analysis

The reports we create are based on data received from Online and Social Media Analysis. Our data comes from a wide range of online sources including websites, blogs, forums and social networks: These reports give a clear picture of your online reputation and show how your products and services are performing across all digital and social media platforms. Social Media Reports can be delivered daily, weekly, quarterly or annually to suit your business objectives and include insight into:

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Brand Perception
  • Conversations, Influencers and Market Trends
  • Marketing Strategy and Performance
  • Online Communities & Social Platforms