Choosing a Media Monitoring Agency as a Sub-Contractor

Knowing what's being said about your client's brand online and in traditional media is becoming an increasingly essential part of any PR, communications or marketing campaign. So, finding a media monitoring agency you can rely on to supply you with the data and insight you need is vital.

But what are the features and qualities you should look for in an agency when making a choice? As a leading media monitoring agency we understand the concerns and goals of organisations looking for a media analysis service and have identified 6 key qualities you should look for in order to meet those needs.

Media Monitoring Agency – 6 Key Qualities to Look For

1. Specialist

With the ever changing media landscape it can be hard to keep up with all the different channels and technologies, both on and offline. It makes sense then to choose an agency which specialises in media monitoring, rather than offering it as an "add on" to other services such as PR, marketing or social media provision. Traditional and social media monitoring is a resource intensive job, requiring specialist tools and expertise and you are going to receive a much more focused service from a company that specialises exclusively in this area.

2. Independent

Media monitoring is frequently used to assess the effectiveness of a PR or marketing campaign. So, resources and focus aside, doesn't it simply make sense that the agency you choose to monitor your media presence is independent of the people who are also running your PR, marketing or social media campaigns? Or, if you are a PR or marketing company looking to sub-contract your media monitoring service, doesn't it strengthen your proposition if you can offer your clients an independent monitoring service?

3. Full Spectrum Media Monitoring Agency

It's vital that your chosen sub-contractor has expertise across the full spectrum of media channels including digital, social media and traditional media.  In particular, make sure your agency can provide integrated reporting – covering whatever combination of digital and traditional media you need.

While you may start out being mainly interested in how your brand is being represented in traditional media, you may well want to move into social media in the future – or vice versa. For instance, many small brands these days start out online but, as they grow, find themselves being mentioned more and more in traditional media as awareness of their brand expands.

Increasingly, the line between online and offline media is being blurred. News websites report on what the daily newspapers are saying and people on social media will frequently talk about what they have read in the paper or seen on TV. Meanwhile, traditional media are making use of digital channels to engage readers, viewers and listeners, and even influence their content. To get the full picture, you need an agency that is geared up to cover both, to cater for your changing needs over time, and to give you access to data and insights you may not have been aware existed.

4. Bespoke Reporting

While it can be tempting to choose one of the bigger media monitoring companies as a "safe" option, you need to consider whether they can give you the individual attention you need. Each brand and client is different and while some service aspects will be core to most clients, you need to find an agency who will take the time to understand the specific nuances of your particular brand.

Look for an agency which makes a point of seeing beyond the standard and generic, and is able to target monitoring and reporting to your specific audience, your competitors and your particular marketing objectives.

5. Insight, Not Just Data

Many media monitoring agencies will supply endless statistics and data, but without helping you to interpret the information in a way you can use.

In the end, the purpose of all media monitoring is to equip you or your client to inform strategy and take appropriate action. This requires not just data, but insight.

Look for a company which actively helps you to make sense of the numbers and understand what it means for your client's brand. As well as being immensely useful, this type of insightful reporting also saves you valuable time and means you can communicate meaningful, actionable reports promptly to your client.

6. Long Term Clients

You will get the most long term value from your chosen agency if you can build a relationship over time. Having an agency which deeply understands the needs of your client will reap rewards when it comes to spotting important trends and responding quickly to events.

Look for an agency which has a track record of retaining clients for a significant period of time. As well as indicating those customers' satisfaction with their services, it shows that an agency is committed to cultivating a long term relationship with its clients.

Choose Cloud Media Insight

We are a specialist, independent media monitoring agency based in Suffolk, offering digital and traditional media analysis services to organisations locally, nationally and globally. Our services cover the full spectrum of media channels including traditional press and social media.

Our mission is to provide high quality insights and intelligence that you can use to provide tangible benefits and improvements to your media profile. We can work as a sub-contractor to a variety of other agencies including public relations and marketing agencies seeking to demonstrate the effectiveness of their services to clients, or simply add to their offering. Alternatively, we can also sub-contract directly to in-house PR and marketing departments, providing high quality, bespoke, integrated reporting for their board or marketing director.