Choosing A Media Measurement Provider

The role of media monitoring and media measurement to businesses across all verticals has never been so important. Companies are now using simple and sophisticated monitoring and measuring dashboards to provide them with insights into customer service, to carry out market research, and to give them more valuable feedback on their marketing activity.

Of course, this is not new, successful businesses have been using clipping services and media measurement services to monitor and manage their brand reputation for many years now, but with the emergence of social media channels as crucial tools of modern communication, the need to employ media monitoring and media measurement has taken on added significance.

New Media and Your Business Goals

With the emergence of social media, and the ability to reach a wider audience that has come with it, it’s not surprising that many new start-ups, as well as more established businesses, have begun to offer social media monitoring and measurement as a service alongside traditional broadcast and print media services. Together with analytics offerings from the social media companies themselves, there are now several free and paid media monitoring and measurement options worth exploring, but it’s worth asking yourself a few questions before you jump in.

media measurement for businesses

Finding the right media measurement solution can be the difference between getting valuable and meaningful data on a regular basis, or getting data that offers nothing more than a few vanity statistics, so it’s important to make sure you have a goal in mind; ask yourself what you are trying to achieve.

Many providers will offer some form of consultation prior to any agreement, this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to you and your objectives. It’s often the case that ‘off the shelf’ solutions are not the correct fit and you’ll want something bespoke, particularly when it comes to the type of reports you want to receive. If a provider cannot offer you a bespoke solution then they are probably not for you, remember, there will be providers who can offer a service that fits your needs, don’t accept second best, you’ll soon regret it.

The Right Media Measurement Solution

Complete Media Coverage – If you’re looking for information on brand awareness, brand perception or the impact of your marketing activity, you’ll want data from as many channels as possible. Many companies, particularly new start-ups, only work with digital media, even those that offer reporting on broadcast or print media may only be giving you data based on digital sources. Make sure that your provider covers all the news sources that are applicable to you – print, broadcast, online and social. The best media measurement providers will be able to offer this in one integrated and bespoke reporting dashboard.

The Human Touch – Data is great, and getting the right data will be your priority, but you’ll also want some form of interpretation or analysis from someone who is experienced in trawling through the figures and finding the insights that are going to make a significant difference to any future decision making or business strategy. Automated data is one thing but speaking to someone who can shed light on qualitive factors like tone, dominance and sentiment can be just as valuable.

Actionable Reports – Nobody likes reading reports that are more hard work than they need to be, it’s one of the most common complaints aimed at the media monitoring and measuring industry. A good provider will be able to show you example reports so you can see what you’ll be getting each reporting cycle, and the best will create bespoke reports with a combination of charts, figures and insights built around your specific requirements and goals.

To find out more about media measurement and media monitoring, or to discuss any of the points made in this article feel free to contact the Cloud Media Insight team online or call 01473 407016.