Our Expertise

Brand Reputation

The impact Social Media has had on Brand Reputation cannot be underestimated. It has completely changed the way people communicate.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

The speed with which online conversations develop have had major implications for Brand Reputation Monitoring: Ensuring that you keep pace with these developments is essential in measuring the impact that social media conversations have on your brand and on your brand’s reputation.

Social Media Reputation Management

Cloud Media Insight reports provide a running commentary on any emerging or established online conversations linked to your brand. The information contained within these reports helps you measure the impact on your brand, allowing you to respond immediately in an informed manner. This level of Social Media Reputation Management enables you to respond to any emerging brand reputational issue effectively and limits negative impacts by presenting you with an early warning of conversations which have the potential to go viral.

Brand Monitoring & Analysis

Our Brand Monitoring Reports & Analysis enables clients to:

  • See what customers consider to be important and of value
  • React to negative online conversations before they escalate
  • Mange time effectively and control responses to an emerging crisis
  • Visualise their brand reputation status across all media at any given time
  • Measure the impact of any marketing and online strategy
  • Access important performance metrics linked to KPIs